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    Want this image hanging on your wall? Peter Dench is offering up select Instagrams for sale as signed limited edition prints. #photography #art #prints

    The Chris Hondros Fund announced today that Reportage photographer Daniel Berehulak has been chosen to receive the 2014 Getty Images and Chris Hondros Fund Award, and photographer Preston Gannaway has been selected as an award finalist. Congratulations Daniel and Preston!

    The award was created to honor Getty Images photojournalist and two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee Chris Hondros, who was killed on April 20, 2011 while on assignment in Misrata, Libya. Today’s announcement follows the April 8 release of Testament, a collection of Hondros’ photographs and writing spanning over a decade of coverage from many of the world’s conflicts since the late 1990s.

    Image: Flood victims scramble for food rations as they battle the downwash from a Pakistan Army helicopter during relief operations on September 13, 2010 in the village of Goza in Dadu district in Sindh province, Pakistan. Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

    Brent Stirton/Reportage by Getty Images Brent Stirton/Reportage by Getty Images Brent Stirton/Reportage by Getty Images

    God’s Ivory - Only 2 days left to vote!

    Our documentary God’s Ivory is up for a Webby, and we need your help to win. Please vote here for the People’s Voice Award.

    God’s Ivory exposes the industry of religious iconography and the consequential destruction of elephant populations that it fuels. Watch the full film here. Photos by Brent Stirton/Reportage by Getty Images





    Coverage of street demonstrations is an exceptionally dangerous assignment, with journalists subject to assaults, obstruction, detention, raids, threats, censorship orders, and confiscation or destruction of equipment. This report is one in a series of three by Getty photographers…

    KOLHAPUR, INDIA: Kushti wrestlers train at a “Akhada,” or wrestling school. Kushti is an ancient version of wrestling which dates back some 3,000 years. It originated in India and later spread to Iran and the Middle East. Kolhapur, in western India, is the main centre of the art today, where the best fighters, trainers, and Akhadas are located.

    Photo by Palani Mohan, from Hanuman’s Army


    May 10, 1972: Annie Catullo, puffing on a cigarette, inspected a fish’s freshness at a market where she intended to buy fish from a wholesaler for her upper Park Avenue store. The picture was evidently intended to accompany an article published in the paper of Aug. 13, 1974, that gave ample information about the frozen fish market and its bursting bubbles. “There has been a suggestion,” The Times reported with a soupçon of intrigue, “that the Canadian Government will buy and hold some of the Canadian wholesalers’ oversupply until prices rise again and then sell it back to the packers at the price it was bought.” Photo: Don Hogan Charles/The New York Times

    'If you go to ask somebody about the war, you don’t ask them about the war. You ask them about where they came from, who their parents are. The war becomes part of the texture of their life, and then people will tell you about the war.

    Since its launch in 2004, the Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography have celebrated and supported independent photojournalism, as evidenced by the many dynamic and compelling projects completed over the years.

    In this video, two-time Editorial Grant winner Eugene Richardstakes us on an intensely emotional and powerful journey as he shares his experience working on his grant project “War is Personal.”

    The Getty Images Grants are now accepting applications.


    From our archive - 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests

    25 years ago today, college students began to gather in Beijing and other Chinese cities mourning the death of ousted reformer Hu Yaobang. Hu Yaobang’s death in April trigged an unprecedented wave of pro-democracy demonstrations. The April-June 1989 movement was crushed by Chinese troops in June when army tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square on 4 June 1989.

    See more images from the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests

    Top photo: Demonstrators at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China (Photo by Eric Bouvet/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

    Middle photo: Several hundred of 200,000 pro-democracy student protesters face to face with policemen outside the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square as they take part in the funeral ceremony of former Chinese Communist Party leader and liberal reformer Hu Yaobang during an unauthorized demonstration to mourn his death.
    (Photo by Catherine Henriette/AFP/Getty Images)

    Bottom photo: Student protesters demonstrate in Beijing’s Tianamen Square in Beijing, China on May 25th, 1989.
    (Photo by Eric Bouvet/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)


    Picture Post photographer THURSTON HOPKINS is 101 today!


    CLICK HERE to read a piece written by our curator Sarah McDonald (@PhotoFramed) for Hopkins’ 100th birthday last year.

    CLICK HERE to see more photos from the photojournalist The Guardian called one of the greatest of the 20th century. 

    From the top:

    Picture Post Photographer Thurston Hopkins in Tonga, 26th December 1953. Hopkins is sitting under a home-made sign reading ‘Picture Post South Seas Office, Tonga’. Picture Post - 6832 - Report From Tonga - pub. 1953 

    12th February 1955: A young couple getting to know each other at the Manchester University Student Union Fresher’s Ball.

    A parade of lifeguards from the Life-Saving Clubs of Sydney at the Surf Carnival during the Royal tour of Australia and New Zealand, 23rd January 1954. Picture Post - 6832 - Royal Tour:The Empire’s Finest Life Saver - pub. 1954 

    June 1956: A busy street in Madrid reflected in a shop window. Original Publication: Picture Post - 8493 - Madrid - unpub.


    Brent Stirton/Reportage by Getty Images Brent Stirton/Reportage by Getty Images Brent Stirton/Reportage by Getty Images

    'This story places the blame for the decimation of elephants worldwide squarely at the feet of religion. There is an obsession amongst devotees, amongst ivory buyers, for this product….my question is: how does it deify god to decimate these creatures? - Brent Stirton, Photojournalist

    God’s Ivory, a Reportage by Getty Images documentary about illegal ivory trading, has been nominated for a Webby. Please support the film by voting here. The full documentary is available to view in Reportage Journal #2.

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