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    A photo from Benjamin Lowy's trip to South Sudan in December, when fighting broke out in Juba between government forces and supporters of a former vice president. In an editorial today, The New York Times writes that “a staggering 3.7 million people, roughly one-third of the population, are facing starvation in South Sudan, where a civil war has created a humanitarian catastrophe.” They add that United Nations officials say South Sudan needs $230 million more in the next 60 days to avoid the worst starvation in Africa since the 1980s, when hundreds of thousands perished in Ethiopia. Read more on


    Juba, South Sudan | December 19, 2013 Nuer civilians hiding in the UN Mission base, wait for a chance to collect water after fleeing their homes following brutal battles between government and rebel forces. It is looking increasingly like a campaign of ethnic cleansing began in Juba and spread to the rest of the country, pitting two tribal groups - the Dinka and the Nuer - against each other. #photojournalism #documentary #reportage #southsudan #juba

    Thanks for all the great photos submitted for#ReportageSpotlight. This week’s selected images are by (left to right): @mreza_dehdari@alikhara@d3v90901@mohamadalinajib@thenomadiceyes@ravimishraindia@fateme6813@mrakhoondi and @mpmagers. For consideration for our weekly roundup, hashtag your images #ReportageSpotlight. We post our favorite pictures every Friday.



    AP photographer killed, reporter wounded in Afghanistan

    AP: Veteran Associated Press photographer Anja Niedringhaus was killed and AP reporter Kathy Gannon was wounded on Friday when an Afghan policeman opened fire while they were sitting in their car in eastern Afghanistan.

    Follow more on this story at Breaking News

    Photo: Associated Press photographer Anja Niedringhaus poses for a photograph in Rome. (AP File Photo)

    FJP — Via the BBC:

    The attack took place in the town of Khost near the border with Pakistan…

    …[The two journalists] had been travelling with election workers delivering ballots in the Tanay district of Khost province.

    An eyewitness said a police unit commander had opened fire on the journalists as they were waiting for their convoy to move inside a security compound.

    The police officer behind the attack was taken into custody after surrendering to other police…

    The BBC’s Afghanistan correspondent, David Loyn, says the election is being protected by the biggest military operation since the fall of the Taliban.

    Nearly 200,000 troops have been deployed across the country to prevent attacks.

    Rings of security have been set up around each polling centre, with the police at the centre and hundreds of troops on the outside.

    Reporting restrictions are in place, limiting what can be broadcast about the candidates.

    For what it’s worth, Niedringhaus was a former Nieman Fellow. Some of her work can be seen on her Tumblr. See also her 2007 essay in Nieman Reports on the emotions of photography, and this 2013 photo essay of her work in Afghanistan from the Atlantic.

    Cholita wrestler Martha La Altena (right) fights with a male wrestler dressed as a Cholita during the ‘Titans of the Ring’ wrestling group’s Sunday performance at El Alto’s Multifunctional Centre, El Alto, Bolivia.

    Photo by Lisa Wiltse, from Bolivia’s Cholita Wrestlers


    New York City, NY | April 2, 2014 
    The canine in the room.

    The Alexia Foundation is currently accepting entries for its Women’s Initiative Grant. The call for entries asks photographers to propose a serious documentary photographic or multimedia project encompassing any issue involving women anywhere in the world. Learn more at

    Image by Tim Matsui, 2012 Women’s Initiative winner


    New York City, NY | April 2, 2014 
    Light contemplation. (at St. Patrick’s Cathedral)

    “He was just so incredibly curious about every aspect of war and every aspect of every country he was going to. I don’t think he was obsessed with the ‘bang bang’ moments. He was obsessed with understanding local culture and how the American presences disrupted those traditions and the flow of everyday life. I think you see that throughout this book.” - Mario Tama, Getty Images photographer, on his late colleague Chris Hondros.

    Testament, a collection of Hondros’s photographs and writing, will be published this month. Read more on New York Time Lens

    Image:Two children with United States soldiers after their parents were killed. Their car was fired on by American troops after it failed to stop and went toward soldiers, despite warning shots, during a dusk patrol. Jan. 18, 2005. Tal Afar, Iraq. Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images

    Photo by Kristen Ashburn Photo by Lynsey Addario Photo by Eugene Richards Photo by Paolo Marchetti

    Getty Images Grants Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary: Now accepting applications 

    “Imagery is the language of our time and Getty Images is deeply committed to supporting the vision and passions of emerging and established photographers and other artists through our global grants program.” - Jonathan Klein, Getty Images Co-founder and CEO

    The stories told and truths unveiled with support from Getty Images address many aspects of the global human experience; from the humanitarian crisis in Darfur and the re-awakening of fascism in Europe to propelling the mission of nonprofits through visual campaigns including “Stop the Cut” to elevate awareness of female genital mutilation in Mali and “Pathways” which was designed to inspire medical professionals to volunteer their expertise and skills to clinics in Northern India.  Supporting photojournalism, creative photography and portraiture, the work enabled by Getty Images grants has left a visual record of the human condition and sparked important dialogues. Apply for this year’s grants.

    Read more about the Getty Images grants, and the work that they have supported, on In Focus.

    Photos by Grant winners (clockwise from top): Kristen Ashburn, Eugene Richards, Paolo Marchetti, Lynsey Addario

    A boy collects blankets used by fellow students in a yoga class in #Varanasi #India Photo by @danielberehulak

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