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    'We didn’t think that the musicians in the band would lead us to spending time with narco traffickers.  But the band grew and their connections in that world grew.  When you see the songs at first, it feels like fun and games, just in a really bizarre way.  But as you understand how much traffickers want these, how much vanity goes into this, and they hire these people to do these songs – you start to understand that there’s a very special position that that singer is in.'

    Narco Cultura, the new documentary film by Shaul Schwarz, chronicles the music and culture surrounding Mexican cartel violence.  The film premiers at Sundance this month. 

    'We wish Shaul good luck and many congratulations on this outstanding documentary. It is wonderful to see such a talented photojournalist transition so well into documentary, and to have this accepted at Sundance is quite simply stunning.'

    -Aidan Sullivan, VP, Getty Images


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