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    How does the United States conduct war in the 21st century? That is the question that curators of the upcoming “Engines of War” exhibition at the Gasser Grunert gallery in New York. The show includes photographs by Reportage photographers Benjamin Lowy (who took the above image) and  Ghaith Abdul-Ahad. The show’s opening reception is this Thursday, March 28, from 6pm to 8pm. It runs through May 4.

    Read more about the show on the Gasser Grunert Web site.

    Caption: Iraqi civilians stare at a passing American Army Humvee as the unit patrols a commerical district of Abu Ghraib on July 9 2007. The level of violence in Iraq is so high that the only way for foreigners and soldiers to observe civilian life is through the relative safety of an armored vehicle window. (Photo by Benjamin Lowy/Edit by Getty Images)

    This image is part of Ben’s book “Iraq | Perspectives,” which is for sale on


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