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    The Future of Britain

    Reportage photographer Peter Dench is collaborating with the media agency OMD UK on a project they’re calling “The Future of Britain,” a visual record of modern British life. Over the next six months, he will be traversing the country to capture the behaviors and attitudes of a changing society. He hopes to build a visual archive of how people live; where they shop; where they vacation; and what concerns them most.

    UK residents have the chance to get directly involved: Peter is inviting suggestions to photograph in YOUR town, home, workspace, party, club, event or even join you on holiday for a day. If you have something interesting to share about living life in modern Britain, let him know. The Future of Britain is in Dench’s hands, let’s hope they’re a safe pair. You can contact him at or tweet to him @peterdench.

    Follow his progress on the OMD UK Web site, where he’s begun posting images on prom night, the new age of communication, and more:

    Peter’s keen observations of human nature, particularly of the quirky sort, were previously on display in his book “England Uncensored,” which was published last year. This month it was named one of the best photography books of 2012 in PDN Magazine’s Photo Annual.

    See more of Peter’s work on the Reportage Web site.

    (Photo by Peter Dench/Reportage by Getty Images)


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