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    Congrats to Sara Naomi Lewkowicz and all of the winners of College Photographer of the Year, including Ian Parry Scholarship winner Farzana Hossen.

    Image: One month into their courtship, Shane (holding Memphis, age 2) had Maggie’s name tattooed on his neck in large black letters. From the beginning of the relationship, Shane became very involved with the children, asking her son Kayden to call him “dad.” Shane and Maggie later separated after Shane was physically abusive. From A Portrait of Domestic Violence, by Sara Naomi Lewkowicz.

    In this interview, Sara speaks about the fleeting and undefinable nature of success, and the dedication that a career in photography requires:

    The best thing I ever learned was to compete primarily with myself, looking at my work over time. To try to shoot better than I did last year. I’m still learning. Having one story and a few awards doesn’t make a person bonafied. It just means you shot a good story. A lifetime of dedication does, and that only comes with time.


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