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    Pictura Gallery, in Bloomington, Indiana, will be exhibiting Reportage photographer Antonio Bolfo's series “Cite Soleil” beginning Jan. 3. Cite Soleil is home to one of Haiti's largest dumping grounds, where a makeshift community has sprung up to scavenge for food and items to sell or recycle.

    Antonio writes of the place:

    "This is the dirtiest place I have ever been. The wind would blow smoke, ash, dried feces and garbage into my eyes, ears, nose, mouth and get caught in the small crevices of my body, clothes and gear. Unlike the community living in Cite Soleil, I had the luxury of going back to the hotel to shower. As I walked though the fields of trash, the smoke from the fires created a vast haze that the Caribbean light permeated. There was a sense of tranquility and peace, of beauty and timelessness. The beauty of the environment was clearly at odds with the horrors that were unfolding before my eyes and this juxtaposition filled me with guilt. How can something that is so terrible be so beautiful?"

    Read more about his work on the Pictura Gallery’s Web site. There is an opening reception tomorrow night from 5 to 8pm, and Antonio will also be delivering an in-person presentation at Pictura Gallery on Jan 30th at 7pm.

    Caption: Women scavenge the the mass dumping grounds of Cite Soleil with hopes of finding food and items to sell, March 7, 2010. Despite the billions of dollars that was thrown to the Haitian relief effort, scores of people still do not have enough food and are driven to live off of garbage. (Photo by Antonio Bolfo/Reportage by Getty Images)


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