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    An Afghan woman learns how to knit a dress for a doll at a workshop sponsored by American NGO Mercy Group  A farmer puts his harvest on a tank left behind in war in Panshir, north of Kabul A man gives his children their daily ration of opium. In some areas, parents addict their infants by puffing opium smoke in their face so they will sleep more and give them more hours to work.

    Life in War

    While Afghanistan has been one the most heavily documented countries over the past decade, few photojournalists have approached it with the depth and perspective of Majid Saeedi. Saeedi, a native of Iran, was not allowed to work in his home country for four years, following his coverage of the turbulent 2009 Iranian election. This exile led him to embrace the people of Afghanistan as his main subject. ‘War is not the only thing going on in Afghanistan,’ he writes. ‘Sharing a common tongue, I found that I could live alongside the Afghans, understanding, laughing and crying with them.’

    Saeedi was recently honored with the FotoEvidence Book Award for his work. See more from Life in War.


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