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    Photo by Sebastian Liste/Reportage by Getty Images Photo by Mehran Hamarahi

    The Alexia Foundation announced the recipients of the 2014 Alexia Foundation Grants: Sebastián Liste for the professional grant and Mehran Hamrahi for the student grant.

    Sebastián, who lives in Alicante, Spain, and is represented by Reportage by Getty Images, will receive the $20,000 professional grant for his project, “The New Culture of Violence in Latin America” which is an investigation of crime, punishment and security in Latin America. Despite the fall of military rule and the restoration of democracy, statistics show that in the last two decades crime rates have soared considerably, making Latin America the world’s most violent region, Sebastián writes in his proposal. The work is an ongoing project.

    Mehran Hamrahi of the Islamic Azad University of Ahvaz, Iran, received the student grant for his project, “Iranian People, Ordinary or Criminals.” The work aims to portray the daily lives of Iranian youth who dream of living “a free life.”

    One of the Alexia Award of Excellence recipients is Farzana Hossen of Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, who also won last year’s Ian Parry scholarship. Farzana’s project, “Lingering Scars” tells the story of women who are the victims of acid and kerosene burns in Bangladesh as they try to rebuild their lives in a society where violence against women is on the rise and is sanctioned by both society and the state.

    Finalists for the professional grant were Stephen Dupont, of Austinmer, Australia, and Pau Coll Sánchez of Barcelona, Spain, for their respective projects about mental health treatment in Angola and prisons in Central America.

    Read more about the grants, and see more work from the winners, on the Alexia Foundation’s Web site.

    Captions: Top: Children playing in the stairs in one of the buildings of the abandoned chocolate factory, on December 10, 2009 in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. (Photo by Sebastian Liste/Reportage for Getty Images); Bottom: Sheida, 18, is smoking a cigarette in a café. She says “I feel safe in the café.” Smoking the cigarette is not restricted legally in Iran, however the girls are afraid of smoking in public places. July 1st 2013. (Photo by Mehran Hamrahi)


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