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    Tom Stoddart/Reportage by Getty Images Tom Stoddart/Reportage by Getty Images Tom Stoddart/Reportage by Getty Images Tom Stoddart/Reportage by Getty Images

    'Physical attributes are important but it’s 90% from the neck up. Anyone who makes it into the Special Air Service (SAS) is very determined, never going to give up, very focussed and single-minded to the point of being a difficult person at times. When I went through the SAS selection there were 12 of us who made it out of 120 guys…we were individuals but we all thought the same and had the same thread that ran through us.' - Harry Taylor, co-founder of Mission X. The competition, which takes place in the Jordanian desert, pits special forces teams from various countries against each other in simulated battle events.

    See more images from Desert Warriors, by Tom Stoddart/Reportage by Getty Images.

    Special Forces teams from (clockwise from top left): China, Kazakhstan, United States, and Iraq. The Chinese ‘Snow Leopards’ won the 2014 competition.


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