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    OXFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND: Didcot B station, which in 2003 was voted Britain’s 3rd worst eyesore, is gas fed and supplies electricity to over 1.5 million people. In Britain, 5.8% of the energy supply comes from nuclear, 1.8% from renewable sources, and 92.4% from fossil fuels.

    Photo by Toby Smith, from Light After Dark.

    DRUMDERG, SCOTLAND: A wind-farm engineer reaches for the lightning card on the aileron of a wind turbine. This small electromagnetic strip measures lightning striking the turbine and is checked biannually. Drumderg wind farm can generate enough renewable electricity to power around 25,540 homes per year.

    Photo by Toby Smith, from Scottish Renewables

    'The Renewables Project is a unique photographic vision of the hydroelectric landscapes of Scotland mid-winter. Nocturnal icy vistas combine with brutalist structures in this award-winning series of large-format images.’

    Toby Smith will be showing more from this project, and also images from Light After Dark, at The Hospital Club in London this weekend. Read more on the Getty Images blog.

    Oil has often brought tumultuous change to the region under which it is discovered. Geologists and oil companies have long known that the Bakken oil field under North Dakota existed, but, until the development of efficient fracking technology, there was no cost-effective way of extracting it. That has changed, and so has Williston, ND. The deluge of oil workers arriving in town has caused a spike in crime and a severe housing shortage. Rental prices rival those in Manhattan, and workers sleep in their cars or in the local church. Despite this, the lure of high-paying jobs will likely continue to draw hordes to Williston.

    See more from Charles Ommanney’s ‘The Promised Land’ here.

    To view the full feature on the Reportage web site, click here.

    Reportage by Getty Images photographer Toby Smith has been interviewed by James Estrin of The New York Times Lens Blog. Click here to read the interview.

    Additionally, Toby’s full feature entitled “China’s New Energy Pioneers” is available on our features page here.

    On Wedesnday August 24th, 2011 photographer Toby Smith from Reportage by Getty Images hosted a talk at The Frontline Club in London to discuss his latest project, China’s Energy Pioneers.

    Toby recently spent two months in China producing the project. He presented his photography at a panel event event moderated by Jim Footner of Greenpeace.

    The full talk at the Frontline Club can be seen here.

    The full photographic project with supporting essay is available through Reportage by Getty Images, and can be viewed here.

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