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    ACCRA, GHANA: A 17-year-old boy holds some electric cables that he will melt down in order to extract copper and aluminum. Children in Ghana’s Agbogbloshie slum work 12-hour days and earn one or two Cedis (Ghanaian currency, equivalent to less than €1) rummaging through e-waste in the dumping ground. They burn the materials in uncontrolled fires, which emit toxic fumes.

    From E-Waste in Ghana, by Alvaro Ybarra Zavala

    Teenage Kayayo girls sleep at a market in Accra, Ghana. The Kayayei (‘market girls’) move from northern Ghana, where sustenance is hard to come by, to Accra in search of work. They often face difficult labor and dangers such as robbery and kidnapping. For many Kayayei, the journey south signals an affirmation of adulthood, and a transition between tradition and modernity.

    From Kayayo Girls of Ghana, by Veronique de Viguerie

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