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    Cholita wrestler Martha La Altena (right) fights with a male wrestler dressed as a Cholita during the ‘Titans of the Ring’ wrestling group’s Sunday performance at El Alto’s Multifunctional Centre, El Alto, Bolivia.

    Photo by Lisa Wiltse, from Bolivia’s Cholita Wrestlers

    "The slums near Manila Bay are unhealthy enough—the Ulingans live next to a rubbish dump," writes Reportage photographer Lisa Wiltse. "But the rudimentary process of making charcoal in open pits next to the dump site exposes the squatters to even more harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, and soot, as well as chemicals from burning treated wood."

    This is the subject of Lisa’s project, “Charcoal Kids,” which helped her earn this year’s Marty Forscher Fellowship Fund for an emerging professional, awarded by PDN and Parsons School for Design. Lisa is a documentary photographer who emphasizes socially disadvantaged communities and ways of living. She has traveled extensively, focusing on documenting everyday life of marginalized people in countries like Bangladesh, Uganda, the Philippines, Bolivia, New Zealand and the U.S. She lives in New York City. See more of her work on the Reportage Web site.

    Caption: Boys from the squatter community of Ulingan swim in the effluent waters of the Pasig River in Manila, Philippines. (Photo by Lisa Wiltse.)

    What does it take to excel in the world of child beauty pageants? For Mary Brunner, age 8, a lot of hard work and parental support. Every day after school she trains in gymnastics, ballet, and dance. To date, she has won over 57 pageant crowns. “Mary has developed so many life-long skills because of pageants” says her mother, Dana. “She has so much confidence.”

    From ‘Mary’s Pageant,’ by Lisa Wiltse.


    Twenty seven angel figures are seen placed in a wooded are near the Sandy Hook Elementary School for the victims of a school shooting in Newtown, Ct. December 16, 2012 (at Sandy Hook, CT)


    Taken with Instagram at Lotte World Ice Rink


    Taken with instagram

    Glenorchy Races - Queenstown, New Zealand


    Taken with instagram

    Photographer Diary: Lisa Wiltse

    The town of Potosi, Bolivia is intimately tied to the silver mine at Cerro Rico, first discovered in the 16th Century.  Here, Reportage photographer Lisa Wiltse writes about her experience working in Potosi and her own perilous journey into the mine.

    Please visit the Reportage by Getty Images site to see the full feature, In the Shadow of Cerro Rico.

    “Don’t touch any of the wires or you could get electrocuted,” Reynaldo says matter-of-factly. Any illusion that a trip into Potosi’s Cerro Rico mines would be easy left me about 100 meters into the shaft. The lights disappeared, the tunnel roof lowered, and my hard hat was the only thing that kept me from injuring my head on the rock above. Finding myself in a cloud of grey dust I realized that my mask was still around my neck; I quickly pulled it over my face, wondering if I had already inhaled something toxic.

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    Children born into the Douladtia brothel play outside after their daily chores. Girls who are born or brought up in the brothel almost invariably follow their mothers, aunts and sisters into sex work. Most have their first sexual experience at the age of eight. Douladtia is the largest brothel in Bangladesh with over 2000 sex workers and approximately 80% of the girls are underage and bonded.
    Photo by Lisa Wiltse

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