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    Adrian Fussell, from the Emerging Talent roster of Reportage by Getty Images, was selected as one of the British Journal of Photography’s 20 photographers to watch in 2013. Previously, he won the Ian Parry scholarship in 2012 for his photoessay on the Patriot Guard drill team from Francis Lewis High School in Queens, New York. He first encountered the students at a Veterans Day Parade:

    “In the staging area, I saw these kids training with rifles and wondered where they were coming from,” he tells BJP. He approached four schools before Francis Lewis High School authorised him to document its students. “That school happened to be the national champion, and it happened to be an all-Chinese team.”

    Fussell was raised in Switzerland, Zimbabwe and Guatemala, and is of Panamanian descent. He says his background helped him feel close to these children of immigrants, who joined the squad because they wanted “to become more American.”

    See more from Fussell’s photoessay on the Patriot Guard drill team, “My Name Is Victory.”

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